The Amazing Transplant (1970)
Movie Description:

This barely lucid, nasty sex-mystery with rapes galore bends the laws of logic so severely, a pretzel would seem linear in comparison. To put it simply, this is Doris Wishman’s penis transplant movie. When Arthur abruptly strangles his fiancee, detective Bill Barlen investigates by interviewing an assortment of nubile young women from Arthur’s past. One by one, they recount their violent sexual escapades with amorous Artie as detective Bill stares at their laps.

About movie:

Original Title: Sex And the Swinging Girl
Country: USA
Released: 1970
Language: English
Run time: 71 min
Studio: Mostest Productions
Director: Doris Wishman
Actors: Joao Fernandes, Linda Southern, Larry Hunter, Olive Denneccio, Sandy Eden, Kim Pope, Bernard Marcel, Suzzan Landau, Janet Banzet
Genre: Fantasy, Mystery

File info:

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Video: XVID 576×432 23.98fps 1290Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 32000Hz stereo 69Kbps
Size: 698 Mb



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